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GATE MERF 3.2 Burst Advanced MOSFET Unit

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  • Suitable for most AEGs and replace mechanical trigger switch
  • MOSFET-equipped circuit for higher efficiency and faster trigger response ( in enhanced mode ) , also eliminates power loss and electric arc damage from mechanical switch.
  • Active Braking ( enhanced mode only ) stops the motor as soon as the switch is released, prevents spring compression or extra shots after the shot in semi-auto mode.
  • Smart Trigger allows ROF ( rate of fire ) control from 30% to 100%, while the first shot in full-auto or burst is always 100% ROF for the fast trigger response.
  • 3-Round Burst Firing Mode, allows standard SAFE/SEMI/AUTO shooting modes to be converted into SAFE/SEMI/BURST ( simple & enhanced mode ) or SAFE/BURST/AUTO ( enhanced mode ).
  • Trigger can be released early in Burst mode to do shorter bursts.
  • Protection for Li-Po / Li-ion / Li-Fe / NiCd Battery Packs.
  • Short circuit and over temperature protection.
  • Electronic resettable fuse, self-reset after the trigger is released for the ease of use.
  • Configuration can be done with included programming button or AEG trigger switch depending on operating mode.
  • Settings are stored in non-volatile memory, the system remembers the settings after disconnecting the battery.
  • Compatible with most AEG motors and battery packs from 7.2V to 12V.
  • Simple mode installation does not require modifications, installation is done by connecting MOSFET Unit between AEG and battery pack, configuration can be done using included button.
  • Enhanced mode installation requires wiring work, benefits from all features of the MOSFET Unit, configuration can be done by using host AEG trigger switch.
  • Dimensions: Approx. 70 x 20 x 10 mm
  • Maximum continuous current: 35A ( 50A for 3 min )
  • Stand-by current: 0.15mA
  • Resistance 2.4 mOhm
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Bilal Kubilay Keskin

If you have AEG and use a Lipo battery, your replica may not be very long lasting. It is very small and can be used in different locations. Especially the trigger part can easily burn out. Therefore, electronic fuse is generally used for protection. But I can offer you this MOSFET as a better solution. Because you can use it directly instead of mechanical trigger switch. In this way, your replica will be safer against the problems that may occur due to the battery. You can easily switch between shooting modes. In addition, thanks to the ROF adjustment feature, you can change the ROF between 30% and 100% and use the gearbox healthier. Many such features are available in the product's specification.

4.2 / 5

MOSFET is usually bought for features such as fire mode switching, ROF speed switching, but it actually saves you more than the MOSFET fee by extending the lifetime of the gearbox. Since you can not buy all the other features with a spare gearbox I think you can be more advantageous by buying this directly instead of replacing gearbox or switch.

Fabian Tell

This is one good mosfet with all the functions you will ever need from one. It can handle very powerful guns!

+ Burst
+ Rof control
+ Not as big as it looks
+ Easier to install then "simpler" mosfets

- No printed manual

Korawat T

I have the crappy JG.

After i have it; it change my life.

it is better than Avocado

Erik-Victor Bos

Mosfet is about the size of a cigarette lighter a bit thinner.

Mosfet is easy to install in advanced mode. I do advice you to but the Lonex Low resistance wire with it and some heat shrink. Also buy some deans.

The Gate Merf comes with 4 heat shrinks and a male and female deans connector.
But if you want to use more battery packs you’ll need more deans. Also if you have multiple guns you can wire the to use this mosfet also.

Annyway its good to replace the standard wires as they are mostly verry crappy.

So with some extra's you have one mosfet to control them all.