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PTS fortis Shift Short Angle Grip Keymod Version ( Black )

UGC PTS-FT008490307
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The PTS Fortis Shift™ Short Angle Grip is a one piece billet design made from 6061-T6 aluminum. The skeletonized and low profile grip design makes the grip extremely lightweight and can be seen as a hybrid between a short vertical grip and a hand stop. The angle softens the degree to which the support hand is canted, granting a more comfortable grip than your basic hand stop.
The short angle grip can be simply installed using a clamp that is adjusted by only two bolts - meaning the user doesn’t need to remove other accessories in order to install the grip, allowing you to save time.

One piece billet design
Slotted screws attachment
Made of 6061-T6 Aluminum
Hard Coat Anodized

Material - 6000 series aluminium
Finish - Hard Anodized
Color - Black
Compatibility - Standard 1913 Rail / Keymod
Dimension - 137 x 77 x 47mm approx. (w/ packaging)

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