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UGC PTS-MF001140351
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Color: Flat Dark Earth

Note: The volume weight of the product is larger than the actual weight, please check the actual shipping cost before choosing UPS / DHL

The MTEK FLUX helmet is the tangible result of a multi-year design and development effort to create an advanced, modular helmet system. The word FLUX is an acronym for Future, Lightweight, Undercut, eXpandable and is derived from latin fluxus, meaning "flow".
The FLUX helmet is specifically designed to follow the natural shape of your head, so it results in increased comfort and stability, even when you wind up wearing it for hours on end or with multiple accessories attached. This goes a long way to actively reduce mental and physical fatigue, especially when you don't have time for either.
The edge profile of the FLUX shell is designed to be fully compatible with all of your favorite communications headsets, goggles, eyewear, and respirators. The rear profile allows for proper clearance when you're wearing a ballistic vest and does not restrict movement even when lying in the prone position. The bottom of the FLUX shell extends further downwards and recurves into center. This lowers the rear mounting position of the retention system, and allows the suspension system to further cradle your head. This significantly adds to the overall stability of the helmet, especially when wearing large NOD's or other mounted accessories.
The PTS MTEK FLUX replica helmet is an extremely high fidelity replica featuring a high quality, properly textured, and accurately colored high strength polymer shell. The high quality, extremely comfortable foam inserts are reconfigurable and, along with the fully adjustable chin strap system, allow this one helmet to fit almost all head sizes. Like the real MTEK FLUX, we use a boltless shell for the FLUX accessory rails and accurately spec’ed NVG mount. The FUX accessory rails are fully MLOK compatible which allows for a multitude of attachments that are available on the market.

Matte FLUX Shell
Pre-installed FLUX accessory rails - M-LOK compatible
Pre-installed Shroud with NVG mount
Includes a package of retention strap, shroud bungee, exterior Velcro and Velcro attachment padding

Color Option – Black / Tan / OD Green
Material – Glass Fiber Reinforced ABS
Weight – 34.56 oz. (980 grams) (approx.)
Dimension – 285 x 235 x 170mm

Disclaimer: This product is for airsoft, training, and simulation purposes only. Utilizing Airsoft products improperly, including in real firearm applications, are potentially dangerous and may cause serious injury. PTS will not accept any responsibility or liability for misuse of this product.

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Customer Reviews

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Bilal Kubilay Keskin

This helmet is one of the modern combat teams and is found in many countries' inventory. This helmetin is different from others, it can be easily modified according to different game conditions. PTT headphones, flashlights, and face protection mask can be attached to the rails on the side. You can see how it looks with the equipment in the images.

Night vision can be attached to the upper part. If you do not have a budget for this, by installing a night vision combiner, you may seem as if you have night vision but did not bring it to operation. There are also sticky surfaces on it. You can paste the logo of the team you are part of, or your blood type.

When you wear headphones, if you are using fat m4 stock, the headphones will disturb you. So it has a more comfortable use with a thin stock. Thanks to its breathing structure, it will protect your head from the sun. If you do not use any equipment, its weight of 1 kg may be heavy in the first place. But over time it will start to come normal.

4.7 / 5

Although there are not many helmet types, this helmet is available one of the best helmets.