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WGC Temporarily Stops Ship Airsoft Guns to the U.S. !!!
WGC Temporarily Stops Ship Airsoft Guns to the U.S. !!!

( Longer Restock Time ) UMAREX / KWA H&K MK23 GBB Airsoft

Prix d'origine $0.00 - Prix d'origine $0.00
Prix d'origine
$1,405.00 - $1,405.00
Prix courant $1,405.00
Built Material: ABS w/ Metal Slide
Magazine Capacity: 26+1 ( 6mm BB bullet )
Barrel Length: 149mm
Weight: 1160g
System: Gas Blowback
Muzzle Velocity: 340-370FPS with 0.2g BB bullet / Top Gas
Package Include: Gun, Magazine, Manuals

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

If you want realism, if you want a smooth hard kick then this is the gun for you. It took 2 weeks to arrive but when you hold it in your hand you understand whst i mean when i say this is sold built although i would recommend thread locking the rear sight screw as the recoil is so good it will back out and if you want to skirmish it then purchase a shorter barrel as the gun shoots close to 400fps on .2s with full mag of gas settling to 380fps when cold. In all this is the Metal Gear solid gun you want so forget the Tokyo Marui version as that is a TOY.

Kieran Cooper


Thien Pham

just about perfect

Su. N.

It's like sex in your hands.

Mediocre-good performance but if you want the looks and feels, this one got it all.

Big, heavy, beautiful.

With no white marking and the trades are engraved on the metal slide, couldn't find this version in NA shops so I ended up buying here.

*Note1: I did glow in dark epoxy on my irons, actual iron sights are white
*Note2: This shop knows how to import to Canada for Canadian buyers, mine arrived after ordering in 1 week sharp with UPS.


I don't care that this model is old news. I don't care that no one uses it anymore unless it's the TM boring version. I don't care that parts are getting ridiculously hard to procure for it. And I don't care how weirdly small I look while wielding this grandiose piece of firearm history. This hand howitzer is a pleasure to hold and shoot every single time it enters my personal space. The MK23 is a gorgeous weapon that showed the world it had what it takes to be the first pistol weapon to be used on the offense. Like it or hate it, it was something that had a presence in service unlike any other weapon. Cold, quiet, slow moving freight train. I love it. And when I recently got back into airsoft I remembered wanting one so bad back in 2003 and they were so hard to find. And today still, not the easiest but still much better than back then. I bought mine here at WGC with zero hesitation and still not a flea of regret. The Asia version is the one to own, with no color filled trades and omitting the never welcome paragraph from Umarex us in the States have come to adore so much. Buy this gun because it is going to go away again and then come back and still not be cool to use. It will love you no matter what and treat you right... And still make people call their hits and smile because they felt it. Oh yes they did.