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WGC Temporarily Stops Ship Airsoft Guns to the U.S. !!!
WGC Temporarily Stops Ship Airsoft Guns to the U.S. !!!

( Longer Restock Time ) W&S Steel Bolt Set Type I ( Simulated ) - for GHK AK GBB Rifle

UGC WSTW-00020
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One-piece steel bolt carrier
Stainless steel gas piston
Increased bolt travel distance
Realistic 2-piece recoil guide rod
Suitable for GHK AK GBB series
par W&S

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
ByeungKuk Yu

Beautiful performance work and easy to setting but should check assembly video first i just looking for rapid spring set

Chris Jin

MUST BUY ITEM if you have ghk ak series. Realistic bolt carrier travel distance and increase of recoil is fantastic.. even if lowers ROF lol.. I recommend you to change chamber as metal, steel sear, steel firing pin, and steel auto lever (must use steel hammer included in thie set)


Sehr Gute Qualität für GHK AKs !


You have to use what the kit provided. It's won't comparable with Hephaestus Simulation Recoil Spring Guide or the original spring guide because the W&S steel bolt is hollow all the way to where you screw on the gas piston (47/74U) It's a solid 1 piece compare to the original 2 piece bolt from GHK. Highly recommend it. Plus MAKE SURE you also install the steel hammer or else you are going to have a bad time, since the original GHK hammer is made from weaker metal and will easily break off when constantly hitting the bolt when firing