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TOKYO MARUI M14 Electric Airsoft ( AEG )

원래 가격 $0.00 - 원래 가격 $0.00
원래 가격
$2,720.00 - $2,720.00
현재 가격 $2,720.00
Gear Box - Version 7
Motor - EG700
Magazine - 70 Rounds
Length - 1127mm
Weight - 3850g
Battery - Large Type ( Not Include )
Fire Mode : Semi Auto / Full Auto / Safety
Hop-up: Adjustable

  • Full metal with ABS Stock
  • Aluminium Outer Barrel with 14mm Anti-Clockwise Thread
  • Realistic Selector Lever
  • Realistic Field Stripping
  • Fully Adjustable Rear Sight
  • Movable Rotating Bolt

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Since this is a replica rifle they took the liberty of replicating the safety and selector switches from the real steel. The safety is a lever located right next to the trigger and trigger guard. With quick flick of your finger the lever swings back to not only lock the trigger in place but provide a block for your finger. This is a great safety because you can determine if your gun is hot or safe without having to visually check it. The selector switch is located on the right side of the gun and towards the rear iron sights. Rotating the switch from the up and down position selects between semi- and full-auto, this can be a bit trouble some if you don't remember which is position is which.

The hop-up is located directly in front of the magazine and can be easily adjusted. The stock magazine holds 70 rounds respectively.

Field stripping this weapon is just like the real steel in which all you have to do is remove the magazine and detach the battery, unhook the trigger assembly and detach the lower and upper body. This also allows the length of the gun to be reduced for transportation.

And just like its real steel counterpart, this gun is a perfect candidate to turn into a sniper rifle.

+Metal, lot and lots of metal (especially for a Tokyo Marui)
+Replica of the real steel in more ways than one
+Reliable gun, probably the most reliable M14 to date
+Great platform to turn into a sniper rifle

-High price


One of the legend riffle, still one of the eye catching to carry. Great accuracy, easy to modify (even with harder spring), a long range riffle, but easy to aim for close range skirmish. Twisting switch on the right side (semi and auto) not that easy to operate, but get more identical to the real steel. Safety placed right in the front of the triger, it might not familiar for medium to small AEG user. Overall, this monster is a blast, great to have one in your gun rack.

Stephen MacFarlane

The Tokyo Marui M14 is another great product from the engineers at TM. The stock spring in the M14 is stronger than previous guns coming from Marui, and will produce over 300 fps with a .2 g bb. I purchased my first M14 from first launch in America in August, 2005 and have not had any problems, even after upgrading. While many people find the gearbox to be overly complicated, after multiple upgrades I find it is one of the best designed gearboxes Marui has made to date.

The hop up on these m14s is one of the best I have seen, and these guns stock can shoot further than many upgraded guns on the field.

Pros: Great gearbox, great range, mostly metal, uses large battery.

Cons: Long, heavy

If you want a gun that can shoot further than most, this is for you. If you want a gun for CQB look at something else, like the M14 Socom. Overall I really enjoy this gun, and now own three of them, and havent had a problem. Of the 20 plus guns I own these are my favorite rifles.

S. Manson

Overview: This gun is a great product and an excellent buy. One of TM's best in my opinion. I've owned my M14 for over a year now, and it has never broken, faltered, or ever let me down. Stock this gun shoots around 315 fps, with your normal .2g bbs. The version 7 gearbox is sturdy, but a bit tricky to upgrade unless you know you way around airsoft gun internals.

Perks of using the gun: It is great for long range shooting, and even right out of the box can take on any fully upgraded gun due the superb hop up system TM has installed. Semi-Automatic is a good way to take down targets at range. On full automatic the gun is still effective and can effectively compete with other assault rifles.

Possible cons of using this gun: The gun a quite long, and the barrel length (while excellent for accuracy) can be cumbersome in close quarter scenarios. M14's do have their very own type of magazine, quite separate from the standard m16 or ak magazine, which forces players to A, order new mags. And B, order new pouches on their plate carriers (if they have them) in order to accommodate the new mags.

I find the pros vastly outweigh the cons and the gun is wonderful and a deal no matter what.

Even if it seems expensive, its worth the buy, because long term it is a golden investment for any true airsoft hobbyist.