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TOKYO MARUI PSG-1 Electric Airsoft ( AEG )

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Tokyo Marui H&K PSG-1 AEG Sniper
1/1 Scale Ultimate Airsoft Sniper Rifle by Tokyo Marui
Bolt assembly blows back on each shot
Spring compressed and ready to shoot, decrease the time from pulling trigger to actual fire
Come with High Quality TASCO 4x40 Rifle Scope
Fully adjustable sniper stock with cheek piece
Functioning Charging Handle
Readily to be upgraded to extremely powerful muzzle power
Utilize 6mm Plastic Bullet, this rifle give you a supreme accuracy on the target
Built-In quick release ball-joint type bipod receptor allow quick attach/detach of bipod

Gear Box - Version 4
Motor - EG700
Magazine - 15 Rounds
Length - 1220mm
Height - 275mm
Weight - 4300g
Muzzle Velocity - 305FPS
Accuracy - 82mm ( 20M )
Battery - Mini Type ( Not Include )
Fire Mode : Semi Auto / Safety
Hop-up: Adjustable
Package includes ( AEG, Manuals, Magazine, Loader, Cleaning Rod, 200 pcs 0.25 BB bullet, Tasco 4 x 40 Scope Standard )

Customer Reviews

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Michael Doumenis

The TM PSG-1 is one of the greatest sniping platforms in airsoft. This gun truly replicates and represents the PSG-1 in all respects. Range, accuracy, power and realism, it has it all.To start, this was one of Tokyo Marui's first gun with electronic blow back, so each shot you make will make the bolt move! The PSG-1 also features a true cocking mechanism. When the cocking lever is pulled all the way back, it will move the air nozzle to load the next BB. The most unique feature of this gun is its special gearbox. Tokyo Marui specifically made this gun to be a true semi-automatic sniper rifle, and to do this, an extended gearbox with a "pre-cocking" mechanism was designed into the PSG-1. With this in mind, you will have almost no trigger delay! After all shooting is done, a special release lever will reset the piston to "rest" position. This is a truly great gun. Highly recomended for any airsofter who wants a semi-automatic sniper rifle that can really deliver.