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TOKYO MARUI Scorpion Mod.M Electric Airsoft ( AEG )

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The compact, lightweight and easy-to-manage "Scorpion Vz.61" has been modernized as "Mod.M" by Tokyo Marui!
We have adopted original design parts everywhere, such as a rail system that enhances expandability, a multifunctional stock that increases stability, and levers that improve operational reliability, and pursued operability while expanding the range of tactics. In addition, by incorporating trends in shape and color, it is a model that aims to "modernize" both performance and appearance.

Compact mechanical box:
The performance of the conventional electric gun is condensed into a small mechanical box. It is now possible to line up more compact models while maintaining accuracy and flight distance.

M-LOK Rail System:
The latest rail system "M-LOK" is adopted on the side of the front part with rails on the top and bottom. You can add rails of the size that suits your purpose where you need them. The 20mm wide (Picatinny standard) M-LOK rail comes with 3 types of 3 slots, 5 slots, and 7 slots. It can be easily attached and detached with the included hexagon wrench.

Folding stock:
The resin-made, lightweight stock has a non-slip butt plate grooving for improved stability when held. When the stock is folded, the butt plate can be gripped like a foregrip.

Reversible flash hider:
The strike face-shaped flash hider can be changed to a flat design by mounting it upside down. Also, if you remove the flash hider, you can install a muzzle option with 14 mm reverse screw specifications such as a silencer.

Modern design:
The outer barrel, trigger, and bolt cover are gold-colored with the image of titanium nitride coating. The waffle pattern of the grip and magazine is designed to make you feel strong and not slippery when gripping.

EX conversion adapter included:
The EX conversion adapter allows you to use a 7.2V Micro 500 battery.

Rapid fire magazine included:
Comes with a continuous magazine with 260 bullets and a resin outer case.

Build Material : /
Magazine Capacity : 260 Rounds ( 6mm )
Length : 337mm / 565mm
Barrel Length : 182mm
Weight : 1363g
System : Electric Gearbox
Battery: 7.2V 500mAh Micro Battery EX / 7.2V 500mAh Micro Battery ( not included )
Fire Mode : Semi Auto / Full Auto / Safety
Hop-Up : Adjustable
Muzzle Velocity : Approx. under 1J with 0.2bb
Package Includes: Gun, magazine, manual, M-LOK rail x3, Micro Battery EX adapter



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