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APS F1 SBR BDR-15 3G Short Barrel Rifle Electric Airsoft ( AEG ) - RS-3 Stock

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Color: Red / Red Switch
  • CNC finished aluminum alloy F1 BDR-15 3G skeletonized receiver copies the styling cues of the original rifle
  • Shortened CNC machined aluminum C7K Countered KeyMod handguard allows for mounting of a vast variety of accessories, full length top rail accepts all common 20mm accessories
  • EMG special edition fully-upgradeable quick spring change "eSilver Edge" gearbox
  • High Efficiency gearbox only pulls 11amps at ~380 FPS, making this one of the most efficient gearboxes currently on the market
  • Ambidextrous fire controls allow for both right and lefty shooters
  • F1 Firearms licensed Dragon Slay muzzle device
  • Anodized finish provides a vivid and long lasting finish that resists wearBuild Material: Metal Alloy, Polymer
Build Material: Metal Alloy, Polymer
Gear Box: eSilver Edge Electric Gearbox
Magazine Capacity: 300 Rds
Length: 872 mm
Inner Barrel Length: - ( 6.03 mm )
Weight: 2860 g
Battery: Stock tube type ( not included )
Muzzle Velocity: 380 FPS with 0.2g BB bullet
Fire Selector: Safe / Semi Auto / Auto
Rate of Fire: 750-850 RPMN
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine
by APS

Customer Reviews

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Bilal Kubilay Keskin

Although this bad boy looks very colorful, there is actually a lot of gearbox improvements. But it's more evident on the outside. If you are in a crowded match, I'm sure most people will ask for your permission to look at it.

Equipped with improvements to the trigger and CNC parts, this replica looks pretty cool.

It has many parts filled with the F1 brand. The entire gearbox system is also equipped with eSilver Edge Electric Gearbox. It also seems to be equipped with different parts, but is compatible with many M4 magazines.

There is a bidirectional system for those who change womb during the game.

4.1 / 5

I personally love serious equipment. And I'm sure if privacy is very important to you, you might not prefer it. But if you want everyone to have your eyes, is it absolutely the right replica.