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TOKYO MARUI P90 TR Electric Airsoft ( AEG )

$1,736 HKD

Gear Box - Version 6
Motor - EG1000 Hi-Torque Motor
Magazine - 68 Rounds
Length - 670mm / 540mm
Height - 185mm
Barrel Length - 247mm
Weight - 2100g
Battery - Mini Type ( Not Include )
Fire Mode : Semi Auto / Full Auto / Safety
Hop-up: Adjustable
Package includes ( AEG, Manuals, Magazine, Loader, Cleaning Rod, 200 pcs 0.25 BB bullet )
Initial bullet speed - 90m/sec


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

+Compact, great for CQB
+Comes with a silencer
+Silencer actually serves to suppress gun
+Strong externals
+Strong internals
+Rails for mounting scopes, lasers, whatever you want
+Easy breakdown

-Small battery space
-Magazines are large and costly to have a skirmish ready number
-Semi auto eventually dies

=Low fps, not a problem if you are playing CQB but if you are playing woodland upgrades may be a wise investment in the future

Overall this gun is great! You will not be disappointed if you choose this weapon. This is the ultimate gun for beginner and CQB enthusiasts. If you want a woodland gun this gun will work, but consider some upgrades. If you want a gun that conforms to society's expectations, go with a M4 variant. But if you want something that will stand out, consider the Tokyo Marui P90 as your weapon of choice.


The Tokyo Marui P90 is a all around great gun. In fact, I have owned this gun for about 3-4 years and its function is virtually the same as the day I got it, but I will get to that later.

I got this gun when I was first getting started in airsoft. It was my uncle who recommend I get into the sport. He was also the one who told me to go with a Tokyo Marui AEG as opposed to anything else. Eventually after much research, I had my options of guns down to two, the TM P90 and the TM FAMAS. For whatever reason, I chose the TM P90 to be my first weapon. For years now it has served me reliably and without fail.

The box the gun comes in is nice, but that is not what counts is it? In this case, it is truly what is on the inside that counts.

The weapon itself is no masterpiece on the outside, especially compared to my Ares L86. The body is made of some form of plastic. This may discourage some people, but the real thing is also mostly made of plastic. Plus, the plastic this gun is made of is strong, I have even fallen on it once or twice. My personal P90 has a few dents where it has been struck by incoming fire, but it has no cracks or breakages of any kind. The feel of the weapon is pretty nice. It is compact, very compact. The iron sights are kind of hard to see when a user is wearing a full-face mask but it is likely if you are getting this version, you will eventually get a scope. The silencer it comes with is nice. It is made of metal and actually serves to suppress the weapon slightly because it is filled with foam! Without the silencer the gun is quiet, with it, it is barely audible past 15 to 20 feet(about 5-7 meters).