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TOKYO MARUI VSR-10 G Spec Sniper Spring Airsoft

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Color: Black
Built Material - ABS
Magazine Capacity - 30 ( 6mm )
Length - 950mm ( 1135mm with silencer )
Barrel Length - 303mm
Weight - 2090g
System - Air Cocking
Fire Mode : Semi Auto / Safety
Hop-up: Adjustable
Power - 260-290fps with 0.2g BB
Package Include ( Gun, Magazine, Silencer, Manuals, 0.25g bbs )

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
gyucheol hwang
thank you wgc shop!!!

thank you


I own this for 2 years with some upgrades.
This is a great gun.

1. light weight
-plastic construction, which you may aim longer with steady when you are in kneeling or normal position
- better for you to carry all day long

2.accurate and long range
- with the original setting, I hit my enemy about 40m away for many times (you know, the stock one have low fps)
- with the same fps, VSR can shoot a bit longer range than AEGs (i duno why, but it works)

3. silent
- the silencer is not too useful, cuz the stock setting is very quiet. it featured the air-break system, which prevents the piston hit the pistol head directly. this reduced the noise a lot, which is great for snipers

4. scope ready
- Rail is provided in package, you can attach your own scope for games.

the sears are not ready for power upgrades.
Once you change a M120 spring,
the sear will wear within 1000 rounds


the better sniper I have ever seen

this gun is wonderfull,

I have upgraded this gun, and the performance are great.

with the m130 : 60m
m150 : 80m
m170 : 100m
m110 : 40m

I have upgraded this gun with laylax, all parts

my inner barrel is a 6.03mm 450mm

the accuracy is terrible

the mechanic is great too

piter ananta

This is the best weapon .. slim, easy to carry, at first glance this weapon does look old but this weapon has accuracy and power unequaled


Stock this is an amazing rifle. So accurate and a pleasure to use. Only shooting at about 280 fps on 0.20s stock, so if you want to use heavier BB's It will need upgrading. Cost me about same price again to upgrade to 486 fps on 0.20s. Now can shoot 0.40s and out range everyone on the field with amazing accuracy..
Still great stock though!

Thought Item needed another review as someone had only given it one star by mistake!!!