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GHK AR / M4 Type Airsoft Forging Receiver Set - COLT Licensed

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원래 가격 $2,211 - 원래 가격 $2,211
원래 가격
$2,211 - $2,211
현재 가격 $2,211
  • Designed for GHK M4 / AR type gas blowback airsoft use only 
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Customer Reviews

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better looking but a few issues spotted.

First of all we need to understand that they used 6061 aluminium instead of a harder quality version. This means that it it easier to damage the receiver. However GHK seemed to have taken steps to prevent internal damage. steps such as chamfers at 90 degree corners to prevent tearing. This is a welcome change and should allow the user to continue the use of the bolt stop without fear.

The new forged receiver does have a high tolerance fitment when it comes to charging handles and bolt carrier groups. I noticed a bit more friction for my bolt cycle. so this could mean that third party bolt carriers might not work as well. So far i've been using my GBL steel bolt in mine. This could just be that it needs to work itself a bit in but i didn't get this with my original v2 receiver. As for the charging handle slot, it is annoyingly preventing me from side charging. straight pull with the two finger prong works just fine though. but if you want to charge it from the side with an ambi charging handle by grabbing one of the sides between the index and thumb it just has so much friction and it seems to lodge itself stuck in its tracks.

the quality is however much better to look at. I've found it harder to scratch the finish compared to my original v2 receiver set. This is likely due to parkerized versus the old painted finsih they used to use.

Beware, buying this product will require you to transfer everything from your old setup. It doesn't come pre-installed with anything.