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T-N.T. Hop-Up Chamber Kit V2 for Umarex / VFC HK416A5 V2 and V3 GBB Airsoft

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원래 가격 $411 - 원래 가격 $411
원래 가격
$411 - $411
현재 가격 $411

This Hop-Up kit was especially developed to replace and upgrade the entire HOP-UP structure. With the ongoing demand for quality upgrade parts for VFC HK416A5 GBB, T-N.T. STUDIO has developed this Retrofit Kit which includes all necessary parts inclunding a T-HOP bucking and HOP-UP chamber.

HOP-UP Chamber : formed integrally aluminum CNC , strong & durable !!
HOP-UP bucking : development for VFC HK416A5 series exclusive T-HOP Bucking.
BB loaded position more accurate , effective performance improvements!!

Can be used for T-N.T. full range of Precision Air-cushion inner barrel, with the original outstanding gasification performance , let your VFC HK416A5 become a battle field beast !!

All products are recommended to have DIY ability to make fine adjustments and modifications.

Before the modify, recommended to check and exclude the original issues to achieve the best results, or commissioned by the store to modified.

Replacement of kits does not mean that can solve all the original parts of the issues, sometimes still have to modify the other components to achieve the best performance.

~에 의해 T-N.T.

Customer Reviews

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TNT hop up chamber (VFC HK416A5)

works perfectly, fitment was perfect and easily dropped in. Its to be expected from the CNC Machined design.