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TOKYO MARUI AK White Storm Next Gen Electric Airsoft ( ERG )

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원래 가격 $2,930 - 원래 가격 $2,930
원래 가격
$2,930 - $2,930
현재 가격 $2,930

The next-generation electric gun "AK Storm", which is a modernized custom made by Tokyo Marui Original on AK47, appears!
Custom parts that improve operability, such as a short barrel that is easy to handle, a stock that can select the shape according to the situation, a Magwell that is easy to change magazines, a mount base with a backup site, etc. are adopted in various places.

Major features

  • Equipped with shoot and recoil engine
    By pulling the trigger, the bolt operates at the same time as the firing, and the strong recoil generated inside the main body is transmitted to the whole body. An auto-stop system that stops firing when the magazine is empty. It is a model that pursues the reality of operation and operability.
  • Bolt release mechanism
    Equipped with a bolt release mechanism that releases the auto stop by pulling the bolt handle. You can enjoy realistic operation procedures.
  • Uses metal parts
    Including the lower receiver, each part uses die-casting and pressed steel to create a profound feeling that moves to the eyes and a feeling of weight when picked up, and also realizes high rigidity. By applying a defric coat to the lower receiver, the texture of steel black dyeing processing has been reproduced.
  • M-LOK rail system
    On both sides of the hand guard with under-rail, the latest rail system "M-LOK" is adopted. The hand guard, which allows you to add rails only where needed, is slim and easy to handle, and has been lightened by removing meat. The M-LOK rail with a width of 20mm (Picatinny standard) comes with one of three types of slots: 3 slots, 5 slots, and 7 slots. It can be easily removed with the attached hexagon wrench.
  • Various accessory parts
    It comes with two types of M-LOK covers, two types of hand stops that support the hands that hold the hand guard, and a special mount that can be used to attach the optional Micro Pro Site at a lower position.
  • Compatible with various muzzle options
    If you remove the muzzle flash hider, you can install a muzzle option with a 14 mm reverse screw specification such as a silencer.
  • Magazine made of steel press
    Includes a magazine with 90 shots and an outer case made of steel press similar to the real one. With a built-in follower stopper, you can enjoy just firing without putting BB bullets in the magazine. * There is no magazine compatibility with the magazine for AK74.
  • Magazine adapter included
    By attaching the adapter to the main unit, the magazine for electric gun standard type AK can be used. * When the adapter is installed, the auto stop system and bolt release mechanism do not operate. Also, the magazine for the next-generation electric gun AK47 cannot be used.

Gear Box: 
Magazine: 90 Rounds ( Proprietary Magazine )
Length: 715mm / 790mm
Barrel Length: 300mm
Weight: 2985g
Battery: Mini Type ( Mini Tamiya connector, not included )
Muzzle Velocity: 290-310 FPS with 0.2g BB bullet
Fire Mode : Semi Auto / Full Auto / Safety
Package Includes: AK Storm body, magazine (90 shots), M-LOK rail (S / M / L), M-LOK cover A × 2, M-LOK cover B × 2, hand stop A, hand stop B, micropro Site mount, protective cap, front site adjustment tool, magazine adapter, handling instructions and instructions, hexagon wrench (small / medium / large), M3 wrench, charger, charging rod, cleaning rod, BB bullet (0.2g / 200 Departure), others

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