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VFC MK48 MOD 1 Deluxe Electric Airsoft ( AEG )

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원래 가격 $8,843 - 원래 가격 $8,843
원래 가격
$8,843 - $8,843
현재 가격 $8,843


  1. Light weight design,  full metal and only 3950g.
  2. Super high capacity with 2 ways BB loadings system:
    - The receiver  can hold 800 rounds BB bullet and can be shot without the Ammo box.
    - Using “Plug and Play” Ammo Box with  8000 rounds BB bullet.
  3. Quick Change Spring Function Gearbox
  4. Digital Fuse Function
  5. Quick Barrel Disassembly
  6. CNC Machined High Torque  Steel Gear  <DX Version>
  7. Full Teeth High Performance Piston <DX Version>
  8. Belt Vibration Function with Recoil   <DX Version>


  • Build Material: Metal Alloy, Plastic
  • Gearbox: 
  • Magazine Capacity: 800-8000 Rounds
  • Over All Length: 1009 mm
  • Inner Barrel Length: 465mm
  • Weight: 4880g with / Mag
  • System: Electric
  • Battery Type: 
  • Fire Mode: 
  • Hop-Up: Adjustable
  • Muzzle Velocity : Approx. fps ( +/- 10% )
  • Package Includes : Airsoft Gun, Airsoft Magazine, Gun Box, Manuals
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Super nice lmg.

Super nice lmg..
really nice vfc mk48 mod1 aeg.. it shoots super nice.. many nice details on it.. good weight on lmg.. lots of shots in the big box magazine. but can actually feel a little recoil in it when you shoot.. the price is a bit too high I think.. but otherwise a really nice lmg.. can only recommend it to others..

Steve Walker
Solid weapon system, few teething issues.

Great looking piece of kit. Had the box mag motor fail after 3 game days - so around 10,000BBs. VFC service was wonderful and shipped a replacement out - looked like a much stronger motor. Not missed a feed since. The black finish does not appear to be very robust, the slightest rubbing from an accessory and you'll being to lose the black finish. Krylon might be needed.

I would give it a 9/10 even with the motor failing VFC did not let me down.

Philip Carter

It's a very nice gun out the box, however the box mag feeder keeps forcing the feed pipe out of the feeder, so after your internal BBS have gone the feeder pops off then you have no box full of ammo. Terrible design for a box mag imo