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$1,107 HKD

The G17 Gen5 MOS GBB airsoft model with improved operability!

The 17 Gen5 is now available in MOS (Modular Optic System) specification, which can be equipped with a dot sight!

The 17 Gen5 reproduces the features of the 17 5th generation (Gen5), including changes to the front of the slide (chamfering and serrations have been added), a grip without finger channels, and a slide stop that has become an ambi specification.

In addition, a new blowback engine with approximately 20% larger cylinder capacity has been developed and the magazine has been upgraded, despite the MOS specifications. The G17 has the hardest recoil of any gas blowback model of its type, and the use of new materials has made it a highly durable gun.

Main Features

  • Compatible with Micro Pro Sight (sold separately)
    The slide is specially designed to accommodate the Micro Pro Sight (sold separately). By removing the cover at the rear of the slide, the Micro Pro Sight can be attached via a mounting spacer.
  • New MOS-compatible cylinder
    Newly developed blowback engine increases cylinder capacity by approximately 20%. In order to catch the harder recoil, the slide is made of high-durability carbon-filled resin.
  • Reproduction of the 5th generation G17
    Reproduction of more advanced Gen5 specifications, including chamfering and serrations on the front of the slide, a slide stop that can be operated with either the left or right hand, a grip that can accommodate various hand sizes without finger grooves, and a flared magwell that makes it easy to set the magazine.
  • Grip back strap included.
    2 types x 2 sizes (S/M) of back straps are included. The grip can be adjusted to fit the size of the hand.
  • Cocking Indicator
    Equipped with a gimmick that allows the user to easily determine if the body is ready to fire depending on the resting position of the trigger.
  • New die-cast magazine
    With a capacity of 25 rounds, the magazine has approximately 20% higher gas capacity than the conventional magazine for the G17. A cold-resistant die-cast magazine is included.


  • Material : Aluminum Alloy, Metal, Fiber Polymer
  • Magazine Capacity ( Rds ) : 25+1 ( 6mm BB bullet )
  • Overall Length ( mm ) : 202
  • Inner Barrel Length ( mm ) : 97
  • Weight with Magazine ( g ) : 676
  • System : Gas Blowback
  • Firing Mode : Semi Auto / Safety
  • Hop-Up System: Adjustable
  • Muzzle Velocity : Depends on the production batch or version, muzzle velocity is not more than 1.9 joules ( Export version increases or decreases depending on the region, with a maximum muzzle velocity of 1.9 joules )
  • Package Includes : Airsoft Gun, Airsoft Magazine, User Manuals

# Dot sight not included


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Customer Reviews

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This is an airsoft gun that sticks to your hand.

Perfectly good!

Perfect operability and good recoil. Fast slide round trip. Efficiency is also good. The only thing that is disappointing is the plastic slide.