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About Us

History of WGC
Founded in 1998 as an online airsoft forum, War Gamer Club aimed at providing a platform for airsoft enthusiasts to share their experience. In 2000, a major restructuring exercise was undertaken to pave the way for the rapid expansion ahead. War Gamer Club changed to WGC Shop so as to provide an easy-to-use online shopping environment for people all over the world to buy their desired airsoft equipment and to have it delivered directly to their doors. WGC Shop expanded rapidly with the number of offices and warehouses growing dramatically, as well as the number of staff and countries served. 2008 marked another milestone for WGC with the first WGC showroom opening in September displaying a variety of different brands of airsoft equipment. 

WGC Shop is one of the leading online airsoft retailers in Hong Kong serving airsoft enthusiasts throughout the world. As well as providing a pleasant, safe and reliable online shopping environment for all our customers, we also offer a wide range of airsoft products to meet their needs. Our main objective is to provide the best possible products and service to our customers.

WGC Shop is committed to combine honest and helpful service with outstanding service before, during, and after sales. We also aim at providing the widest choice at competitive prices on the finest airsoft equipment that exceed customer expectation. We always strive for improved performance in terms of efficiency as well as quality, so as to provide our customers with a pleasant shopping experience. Our commitment is to offer our customers a quality shopping experience with a wide range of quality international airsoft products at competitive prices.

WGC Shop is staffed by a team of professional and dedicated staff who is committed to serving our customers and fulfilling their needs. Our customer service team is always ready to give customers advice during their shopping journey with WGC. Our technology are also eager to share their airsoft experience with customers. All WGC staff is committed to offer continual support to each of our customers. To better achieve this, we welcome the support and cooperation of all our customers.

Variety of Products
To cater to all our customers, our purchasing team is always engaging in the selection of new items. Our Hot Release frequently changes to reflect customers’ favourites. To enrich the list of new items, we have our own custom airsoft guns that have been carefully redesigned to suit the tastes of different customers. To assure that our customers have an enjoyable shopping experience, we always have a large stock and different variety of products. Customers are satisfied with our provision of rare items that cannot be found in other stores as well as our speedy delivery. We are devoted to maintain our good work.

Pursuing Improvement
In order to ensure and enhance competitiveness, WGC Shop continuously reviews, updates and improves the products and service it offers. We constantly seek to introduce new airsoft products to our range in order to increase variety, keeping the interest of our customers and thus build up their trust. We also utilize the latest technology to enhance product delivery and operational efficiency. To provide a better shopping environment for our customers, a new and reconditioned website has been launched. We always welcome your ideas, opinions and criticisms on our work so that we can continuously improve.

Reliable Service
Throughout the history of WGC Shop, we have sought to be a reliable online shop for customers worldwide. We have been fostering a quality culture that targets exceptional customer service. Our strength lies in the committed workforce and the quality systems we have in place. Customers are always amazed with our fast delivery as we process orders instantly as soon as payment is received. Our packing team is also well-trained at examining goods before sending and to pack them adequately. Our endeavor is evidenced by the testimonial of millions of satisfied customers. By shopping at WGC Shop, you can enjoy security and reliability.