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Good enough

I like the design of Tokyo Marui's HI-CAPA4.3DUAL stainless, but I wanted a gun that was different from others, so I chose this gun.
The basic important thing is that the dust cover and the slide meet at the tip. I often saw 5.1 inch and 5.5 inch in KSC's STI series, but there are not many in recent designs.
WE has a lot of HI-CAPA designs and looks good, but the original engraving is so ugly that I can't look at it.
Although it will be expensive, I will replace it with a GURDER made realistic one. Since it's a big deal, the inner and outer barrels are also replaced with high-quality ones.
I still don't have enough silver parts, so I will add them gradually.
So far I am happy with the condition and performance.


Best AAP trigger you can buy

VFC Loading Nozzle Set - for HK416 / M4 GBB V2 ( NPAS )

Great stock, does not fit on all stock tubes

Firstly this is a well built stock, very slim with the triple tube facility allowing you to use 3 cell nunchuk lipos. The opening mechanism for the battery compartment is very tight but it does allow you to store your battery cabling in the end which is really handy. It looks great. However, I found that the stock would not fit on my CYMA or ARES stock tubes, they were slightly too big for it, it does fit on an E&C tube however, but it wasn't as fixed as the original E&C stock.

Fantastic stock

I love this stock, it's well made with a very slim profile and the wide opening at the back allows you to keep your battery wiring vertically rather than in the tube. It also has two side tubes so you can use a 3 cell 11.1 "nunchuk" lipo with it. It fits easily on a CYMA, E&C and Ares stock tubes (the tubes I have to hand) and looks great.

Perfect Fit!

Fits perfectly on the shotgun and really adds to the aesthetic, as well as not affecting its use. It can also be used to store spare shells inside!


The butt stock and triangular handguard looks and feel toyish.

HEPHAESTUS Silencer Adapter - for GHK AK Series ( 24mm Clockwise to 14mm Anti-Clockwise )

Top Produkt

Artisan is Top

TOKYO MARUI Original Parts - Next Gen. AK AEG ( 74-46 )

VFC M-LOK Rail Section ( 7 Slot Black)

good quality it does the job

5KU RRD-4C Muzzle Brake ( 321 )

Recomended for first GBBR shooter.
This rifle is accuracy and recoil are superb.

Great upgrade

A fantastic upgrade nozzle with adjustable FPS, but it fits very tightly with the hop chamber and requires MUCH more force to pull the bolt back. I recommend this 100%

VFC HK417 & G28 GBB Rifle V7 Grip

5KU Arms Style Ambi Steel Magazine Catch - for Marui MWS GBB Airsoft

HWO G-Riser High Mount - for T-1 Dot Sight - Black ( for Airsoft Only )

WE SCAR-L Open Bolt Upgrade Kit

Overall great barrel. I assembled it with a guarder steel slide, front chassis and take down lever and except the first time i put everything together (assembling and disassembling the upper and lower was very stiff) now everything works great. The only downside is that the coating in front of the part marked with the "40 S&W" is already scratching off (after a week).

Amazing fit and finish

Awesome product

Must have stock for your MCX, great building quality , very sturdy mount.

Almost perfect

The suppressor is very well made, as well as the barrell, but I expected a bit more from the handguard: it didn’t come with the thin M-Lok washers and short screws and it is a bit wobbly once installed. The paint finish is also not the best in my opinion. Building quality is good.

G&G Bio 0.2g BB Bullets 2000Rds ( White )