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Additional Fees

Additional fees will be charged in the following cases

  • Adjust the muzzle velocity
  • Disassemble
  • Change delivery method

Adjust the muzzle velocity
Simple muzzle velocity adjust do not require additional charges, If needed to install parts or time-consuming adjustments, you will be charged.

WGCShop only provides export muzzle velocity adjustment for compliance with local laws, such as Japan (0.9 joule), Korea (0.2 joule), etc. Any other enhancement and modification services are not provided. #Hong Kong local does not provide any kind of muzzle velocity adjustment, upgrade & modification service.

Simple spin-offs do not require additional charges, complicated or time-consuming ones require additional charges

Change delivery method
There are different customs clearance standards in different countries. If you buy airsoft gun, we will recommend choosing freight that can pass customs safely.

UPS surcharge
Additional charges will be charged in following cases

  1. The address is listed by UPS as a "Remote Area"
  2. The items too long / big, that its volume weight exceeds its actual weight