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Color: Black
Built Material: ABS, Metal Alloy
Magazine Capacity: 40+1 ( 6mm )
Length: 381-586mm
Weight: 2220g
System: Gas Blowback, Semi Auto / Full Auto
Muzzle Velocity: 330-350fps with 0.2g bbs and Green Gas
Fire Mode : Semi Auto / Full Auto / Safety
Hop-up: Adjustable
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Manuals, 14mm Anti-Clockwise Thread Adapter

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

nice performance.

kilnam Hahn

Very fast delivery, perfectly handled request. thank you.

Paul Costea

By far the TM MP7 is the easiest to work on, however, it is also very susceptible to break quite easily. Although I didn't use mine very frequently, I had some unexpected issues with it.
First of all, the loading nozzle is going to be the first to break so I advise buying a reinforced replacement together with the gun. I bought an Action loading nozzle and it fit in perfectly, no problem. Nevertheless, even if you replace the nozzle with a more reliable one, do not use powerful gas - my reinforced nozzle broke as well, after a long while though.
Another issue with using more powerful gas is that the shocks may break other parts. I had the left side internal chassis break and, further on, the backplate (the one that the stock goes through) broke so that one of the stock stoppers flew off and got lost.
So, in order for it to work properly and for a long time, definitely buy a reinforced nozzle and use weaker gas. Other than that, great gun.

Zoltan Ambrus

The gun have a few issues which you should be aware: first of all there were reports of the nozzle breaking even with weaker gasses. It is not too common and easily replaceable tough. Mine didn't have any problem yet with 1000 rounds shot.
Loading the magazine with BBs can be a bit of a pain as you have to keep the follower pushed down and can only load it through the magwell. Also you have to watch not to leave gaps and to load the last BB on the slanted side of the BB follower otherwise it will get stuck and the gun will shoot only gas. You might only want to load a max of 39 BBs as more will make the gun unable to cock itself when you release the bolt with the new mag in.

Overall the pros can be:
+ decent looking gun
+ very good recoil
+ amazing accuarcy
while the cons are:
- some external parts aren't up to the usual quality of Marui
- nozzle might broke for some
- magazine loading can be annoying and can cause problems
Also the gun is loud which can be a pro or con depending on the user.

Even with its problems it is still a very good gun especially for those who are looking for hard kicking, easy to maintain and overall nicely performing GBB.

Zoltan Ambrus

Externally the gun looks nice. The gun's body is nicely textured, the markings are mostly correct(the right side has the usual Marui markings). The rails altough only zinc alloy are fit tightly in their place and keep anything in place you put on them. However there are some small seam lines on them and the paint is bit glossy as it is on the flash hider. The foregrip is sturdy and has no wobble whatsoever. Unlike the KWA the stock has 4 positions by default and has a very little wobble.
The fire selector clicks in place clearly and won't move out of place by itself. When the bolt is fully forward you can see a 0.5-1mm gap, but it doesn't affect performances.
The gun is unfortunatelly is still not 1:1 size with the real steel(tough not noticable just by looking at it), it was most likely cheaper for Marui to use their old AEP molds.

Internally the gun is very good and sturdy. The bolt is house in a metal casing and has big spring buffer for cushioning, so it won't damage the gun. The bolt can be taken out easily by removing the two pins on the side near the stock. This makes maintaining(cleaning and relubing) easy. The gun uses a VSR-10/Marui pistol hop-up rubber. The hop-up wheel can be reached by taking out the magazine and keep pushing the trigger forward. You can't fit in a longer barrel than the original(145mm) due to parts behind the flashhider blocking the way.

Performance is also great. The gun shoots about 340 FPS on green gas and on room temperature with 15 RPS. Whats even better is that how loud and hard kicking it is, in fact it might be one of the strongest kicking GBB due the the heavy bolt compared to the overall weight of the gun. Also even tough it has a short barrel the gun gives amazing range and accuarcy, out of the box.
The magazine does cooldown fast on full auto however on semi its very good I even skirmished it in 1 Celsius on green gas and it performed well. With one charge of gas you can shoot between 90-100 BBs on semi.

ala-eddine El Ouazani

This really is the best gbb smg that you can get. It is very reliable, durable, has great performance, good recoil, great accuracy, and it has a great range