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GHK AUG A3 GBB Airsoft

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Trigger-controlled semi/full auto shooting modes
Additional middle safety/selector position for forced semi-only mode
A3 style flat top receiver with picatinny rail
CNC front tactical rail
High strength polymer lower receiver
Realistic field stripping
Modular trigger pack

Magazine Capacity : 40
Length : 728mm
Barrel Length : /
Weight : 3390g
System : Gas Blowback, Semi Auto / Full Auto, Hop-Up
Muzzle Velocity : approx. 360-390 FPS w/ 0.2g BB bullet and Top Gas
Package Includes : Gun, Magazine, Manuals, BB Loader
by GHK

Customer Reviews

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Bilal Kubilay Keskin

First of all, there is no need to discuss perhaps the most stable shooting weapon in CS. But one of the best was undoubtedly AUG. There are many reasons for this. One of them looks like a CBQ, but has a barrel almost as much as a sniper barrel. The company that adapts the truth in the most successful way is the GHK company. GHK promised all 3 versions and made A1 and A2. This A3 model came out a little late. But this replica is very advantageous. Both light and sound. Because they became more experienced and produced that way. It has a polymer body that does not appear to be simply scratched. It doesn't feel like cheap AEGs. It has a satisfying and solid feeling. Everything is almost metal, except charging handdle, handdle grip and magazine. When you take it and run, no part of it shakes. Even the hanger points that we will meet normally do not sound. It has a very impressive solid structure! There is a 20 mm rail instead of the forend, which functions differently from A1 and A2. This means that you can use the accessories you want in abundance. A great area for. Also, the barrel is much shorter than other models to give more CQB air. The selector behind the trigger will make you comfortable. Also the legend is hidden in this rifle! If you pull the trigger less, it has one shot, if you load the trigger with all your power, it has full shot mode !! WOW! On the front, there is a 14mm CCW. To reveal this, you just need to disassemble the flash hider. I suggest you watch the video for the Hop’Up system. Although it is not difficult, explaining it by writing and understanding it by reading can make the job complicated. My score is 4.7 / 5. Generally speaking, if you want to have a tactical AUG experience when you look at it tactically, this is the GGBR you are looking for. Accurate beats, satisfying recoil and more worth every penny. ( I added a few modified GHK AUG A3 )