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MODIFY-TECH TORUS Reinforced AEG Gearbox ( Ver. 2 / 7mm )

$445 HKD

  • Fluted gearbox outer surface for greater strength, weight reduction and faster heat dissipation.
  • Unique internal and external geometry for reinforcing weak points of conventional Ver. 2 Gearbox.
  • Dedicated tappet plate included to match gearbox internal geometry.
  • Openings allow instant visual check of the internal parts and lubrication without disassembly.
  • Oversize, high-torque screws ensure a secure fit and prevent loosening of gearbox and components.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

This is an amazing reinforced gearbox of "ZAMAK" alloy was installed in the Tokio Marui G3A3 with other Modify part's. (Piston and cylinder head, cylinder, M120 Modify spring and other...)
That gearbox have special reinforced elements in the front.
They are outside and inside of gearbox.
To post a reinforced elemnts in gearbox, in the tappet-plate made a special slot for sliding on the elements of the gain.

With Modify M120 spring, speed of 0.2g BB was more than 440 FPS!

Were shot more than 25 thousand of BB's, than gearbox was opened.
We was not found any signs of wear or part's break.

The quality of this product the best of what is currently available for its price.

We used the Firefox Lithium-Polymer battery (11.1V 2200mAh)
Deep Fire 6.04 500mm precision barrel
Prometheus Blue Hop-up rubber
Tokio Marui EG 700 motor


The Modify TORUS Reinforced gearbox is an excellent investment for any V2 GB User. The strength of this gearbox will amaze you. I have abused this gearbox on extreme ROF (55BPS) and high FPS (520). I have opened this gearbox multiple times and have not stripped a single screw or the gearbox. The screws are of very durable quality and it comes with a tool to remove them (great for any tech). I see no signs of this Gearbox cracking anytime soon. So why 4 1/2 stars? The main issue is that larger inner dimensions. I have have had difficulty lining up the bevel gear to the motor. It made the shimming process longer and more frustrating. But once set, the gearbox will not fail from the stresses i have run it through.