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T-N.T. APS-X T-HOP Bucking - for GBB ( 2 Pieces Set )

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T-N.T. developed the world's first - "curved design" Located Directional Rubber, by the vast number of consumers with the support and love, in view of this, we have developed another high-end modified HOP-UP System : T-HOP Bucking!!

"T-HOP Bucking" is based on T-N.T. patented product "Located Directional Rubber", after many improvements and tests, T-HOP not only retains the original Located / Directional function, but also special the curved HOP design can make the BB projectile more efficient and stable rotating force, effectively improve the ballistic stability and achieve a more extended effective range.

This product is also T-N.T.'s patented product, not only follow the advantages of the original Located & Directional function, but also to "curved surface" covering the BB, increase the friction zone to produce more efficient spin on.
T-HOP are all conventional specifications, simple and convenient assembly, adjustment and replacement is T-N.T. consistent style. Stand in the player's position considered a variety of thoughtful design, is to allow you to spend less time to have excellent performance, with more time to enjoy more fun.

T-HOP combines the following advantages:

  • Located
  • Directional
  • Curve surface coverage & efficient friction
  • General specifications (easy and convenient assembly and replacement)
  • More DIY space.
by T-N.T.