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TOKYO MARUI Biohazard Albert W Model 01P GBB Airsoft

$1,233 HKD

    Umbrella's "formal hand gun" with improved versatility
    In the game “Resident Evil 7 Resident Evil”, it was revealed that Umbrella was wearing a blue umbrella. Umbrella, which has become a blue umbrella from the past reflection of a red umbrella, has set up a seconding agency named “Special Cases Processing Team” to support the United Nations-based anti-bioterrorism unit BSAA. We are also developing weapons under the control of The result was the anti-terrorist weapon "Albert W Model 01P".

    "Albert W. Model 01P" has been adopted as standard equipment for the special case team. Although it is a mass-produced model derived from "Samurai Edge <Albert W. Model 01>" that Chris Redfield uses habitually, it is a performance model that pursues versatility and is designed to demonstrate performance regardless of the situation There is.
    The potential is proved by the fact that BSAA members assigned to the Special Cases Handling Team have made many achievements.

    Product details

    • A highly versatile standard shaped slide is used, and serrations are added to the front. The left side is engraved with “UMBRELLA CORPORATION” and the right side is printed with the model name “ALBERT.W.MODEL 01P”.
    • "Tactical Combat Site" with white dots.
    • Under the setting of “environment-resistant paint finish”, the slide and frame are unified in black.
    • The 20mm wide (Picatinny standard) under rail integrated frame is a special specification with "Beaver Tail", "Square Type Trigger Guard", and checkering before and after the grip.
    • "Long type slide stop" to ensure tactical reloading.
    • Barrel finished in stainless steel by plating.
    • The "Hybrid Custom Grip" is a uniform black color throughout.
    • The grip is equipped with Umbrella's “Blue Umbrella Medallion”.
    • Equipped with gas blowback "U.S. M9 pistol" engine. Simultaneously with the launch, the slide moves backwards and you can enjoy a powerful reaction.
    • Equipped with "Variable Hop Up System".
    • Reproduces the safety mechanism equipped with "Decoking System".


    • Build Material : ABS
    • Magazine Capacity : 26+1 ( 6mm )
    • Length : 219mm
    • Barrel Length : 108mm
    • Weight : 966g
    • System: Gas Blowback
    • Fire Mode : Semi Auto-Auto
    • Hop-Up : Adjustable
    • Muzzle Velocity : Approx. 1J with 0.2bb
    • Package Includes : Gun, Magazine, Manuals


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review

    If you love Resident Evil - which I love - you can love this replica. In fact, it does not differ in appearance from a classic hard hat. However, the improvements in the TAC rail, trigger and hammer add a more beautiful atmosphere to the replica. Having Tokyo Marui is an extra advantage.

    Having 380 FPS can cause problems in professional organizations, but it provides very strong and accurate shooting opportunity for standard games.

    4.3 / 5

    If you are looking for toys and love Baretta, you can get lost among a lot of replicas. But if you also like Resident Evil, this toy is for you.