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Equipped with a newly-developed fully automatic gas blowback engine, realizing a blowback cycle that greatly exceeds the semiautomatic model. This is a fully automatic model that reproduces 25 shots per second and powerful recoil.
Based on the high capacity 4.3, the serration, engraving and coloring have been renewed. Silver parts finished with hard chrome plating are arranged everywhere, and it is 1mm that adds the stylishness to the power of full auto.

Major features
  • Newly designed 4.3-inch slide
    A unique serration (groove) is added to both sides before and after the slide to help quickly load the first bullet. It is hard to slip even with a hand wearing a glove, and you can pull the slide firmly.
  • Rail-integrated chassis
    Full dust cover to prevent sand and dust from entering The chassis has an under rail with a width of 20mm and can be equipped with flashlights.
  • Lean style
    Minimal and effective parts in a compact body, such as a double-hole ring hammer that is hard to get caught in clothes and equipment, tactical single thumb safety installed on one side, short tail grip safety, etc. doing.
  • Tactical rear sight
    The firmly fixed rear sight is resistant to the impact of full auto operation and can withstand even intense game content.
  • Lanyard link
    The lanyard link installed in the rear housing of the grip can be connected to a lanyard (= negative string) to prevent loss or fall.
  • Powerful blowback
    A model that realistically reproduces the visual force and strong reaction at the time of launch, with the slide retreating vigorously upon launch.
  • High capacity magazine
    A large magazine with 31 bullets and a large gas capacity is included.
  • Build Material : ABS
  • Magazine Capacity : 31+1 Rounds ( 6mm )
  • Length : 200mm
  • Barrel Length : 95mm
  • Weight : 862g
  • System: Gas Blowback
  • Fire Mode : Semi Auto-Auto / Full Auto
  • Hop-Up : Adjustable
  • Muzzle Velocity : Approx. 1J with 0.2bb / 134a
  • Package Includes : Gun, Magazine, Manuals


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disappointed by this article ... the bbs get stuck in the loader, I think the storage before the sale was badly done
For the price.... For a marui's hi-capa i be sad...