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TOKYO MARUI L96 AWS Sniper Spring Airsoft

$1,685 HKD
Color: Black

Unique loading system to maintain magazine location of real rifle
Removable 20mm rail to accept original style mount
Adjstable Stock ( Length of pull / Cheek height )
VSR-10 G-Spec compatible muzzle attachment

Built Material: Metal with ABS Stock
Magazine Capacity: 40
Length: 1115mm
Weight: 3280g
Muzzle Velocity: 280-300FPS w/ 0.2g BB bullet
Fire Mode : Semi Auto / Safety
Hop-up: Adjustable
Package includes: Gun, Magazine, Manuals


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Customer Reviews

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Thank you for your kind and quick answers all the whole time.


Marui signs here a beautiful Bolt, efficient, not too expensive and especially not a mere copy of other, they work by proposing a hybrid system allows the charger to have its "real steel" position while maintaining a system without Gas and effective.

First thing you'll discover =>
The replica is constructed of aluminium for the metal parts and high density ABS plastic parts, there is nothing wrong with the construction, she exudes strength.
Moreover, the replica is equipped with a adjustable cheek support (using a hex wrench) and plates superimposed layers to adjust the length of the butt

Shooting test "out of box" =>
Safety, first turned on and off... it is not too strong, but enough not to fire accidentally. Note that it also prevents resetting of the reply rather convenient to account regardless of whether it is enabled or not.
Besides, it falls naturally under the thumb for left and the same but with a quick movement to the rightists.

The hopup located below the barrel, where you can find shippers and copies of the Maruzen ... very simple to set and adjust well, "notched" is very effective and will carry a 0.20GR bb with precision to 45m.

Conclusion =>
I bought this rifle some months ago, and I'm really pleased ! I use it once a week, and nothing has yet broken.
If you take care of your bolt, it will last for several years !



Tokyo Marui once again is the only company who didn't rest on his laurels, but made a clear effort to develop a new airsoft sniper rifle. The cheap plastics, the complicated internals, magazines, and the loading system will not make everybody happy, but in return we get an excellent hopup unit, and some fixes for the old VSR bugs. It's safe to say, this is the best spring-operated L96 replica at the moment.


Scorpions Airsoft Team


How does it shoot?

The stock rifle chrono'd around 275-280 fps with Marui .20s. Despite the low muzzle velocity, hitting a standing, human sized target at 50 meters wasn't a challenge with G&G .25 bio BBs. The heavier Maruzen .29 SGM reduced effective range to 40 meters, but the rifle still printed 10 shot groups inside a 200-210mm wide circle. Not too bad for a sub-joule stock rifle! After installation of PDI upgrade parts (and a Firefly hard bucking with H-nub), first chrono session showed a steady 500 fps. Shot-to-shot variation was 1-3 fps.

Despite the low winter temperatures the L96 AWS performed pretty well at the first skirmish. During the day I fired around a mag of Madbull .40 BBs on targets behind partial cover. With the hopup dialed up to 9-o-clock position, accuracy and hit-ratio was outstanding up to a laser ranged 60 meters. The trajectory of the BBs were so stable that I could easily acquire one-shot-kills on legs and arms sticking out of cover, or headshots on unlucky guys trying to peek out of windows. The bolt lock proved to be an extremely useful feature, but the recessed muzzle collected a lot of dirt.

After the first outing we made some more accuracy tets at 50-60-70 meters on full sized, standing targets. With Madbull .40s every shot was pretty much a sure hit up to 60m and 5 shot groups landed inside a tight 100 mm circle. At 70 meters the rifle still performed well.


Disassembly, upgrades

Disassembly is pretty complicated compared to the old Marui rifle. We've to fight our way through hordes of differently sized, easy-to-lose-or-misplace screws. We've to unscrew three bolts to separate the plastic stock from receiver and barrel. To extract the cylinder, we've to remove the feed ramp first (3 screws), the barrel (3 miniature screws, a barrel ring, plus the scope rail), unlock the spring guide stopper, remove the loading lever, and only then we can slide the cylinder out of the receiver. The most annoying thing is that we have to remove the scope and scope rail every time (unless we modify the scope rail)'�

To get on the positive side, the manufacturer has finally eliminated the wobble between the receiver and outer barrel with a ring-like barrel insert. The receiver itself is a two-piece design with white plastic cylinder bushings and is also held together by guess what'� another nice heap of screws. Someone at Tokyo Marui definitely has a fetish, that's for sure.

Regarding upgrades PDI and Laylax is already making a wide selection high-performance of parts so a full upgrade is possible. My rifle has PDI parts (HD cylinder set, v-trigger, barrel spacers) and is pushing a very consistent 490fps with stock inner barrel and a 140 PDI spring.