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VFC AN/PEQ-15 Laser Aiming Device


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Color: FDE
  • Working Visible Red Laser and White LED Illuminator
  • Functional Rubber FIRE Button Switch & Removable Remote Switch
  • Mode Dial Switch for selecting OFF / Laser / LED / LED+Laser Modes
  • O-Ring Sealed Battery Compartment
  • Nylon-reinforced ABS construction
  • Powered by 1x CR123A Battery OR 1x 16340/RCR123A Rechargeable Battery ( Not Included )
  • Luminosity: 90 Lumens ( CR123A ) / 130 Lumens ( 16340 )
  • Sticker set included
  • Fits 20mm Rails
by VFC


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VFC AN/PEQ-15 Laser Aiming Device


the rubber part is weak


The PEQ15 model is a rifle laser and flashlight module widely used in the world. It has a very useful and adjustable flashlight and a high lumen flashlight. This flashlight is compatible with several different battery types. It has 90 Lumens with (CR123A) battery and 130 Lumens with (16340) battery. You can also set the lower power value on the graded part above the PEQ. If your forearm is practical in the horizontal, you can operate it with your thumb by pressing the "FLASH" button on the PEQ. But this is not practical at all. So you can control wired remotely. By pressing the button of the controller, you can operate it in the modes you have previously determined. these modes; It is in the form of OFF / Laser / LED / LED Laser Modes, and the units you select operate when you press the button. If the lantern is not enough for you, you can purchase an additional lantern. But be careful that your flashlight supports PEQ. Because lantern PEQ supported control products are available and If you want to use an additional flashlight, I suggest you buy this controller. (I am adding 1 picture about the flashlight and PEQ supported controller) If you are not using red dot and using stock sight, make sure your front sight is PEQ compatible. PEQ does not prevent you from aiming. But the sight can block your laser. It is designed in a horizontal position so that it does not block your sight. In addition to the laser and flashlight, these modules also have an IR laser. This laser is used to mark enemies with night vision binoculars. I suggest you watch the movie "13 Hours" for see effective use in battle.