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VFC Colt M16A1 V3 GBB Airsoft ( Batch - Mar 2024 )

$3,691 HKD

Details Of The Vietnam War Version M16A1 Are Fully Presented
The styling is taken from the Colt M16A1 in the Vietnam War. It includes the "birdcage" flash hider, the 16-inch outer barrel, M16 style front sight, classic M16A1 type nylon handguard, classic M16 type lower receiver, carrying handle upper receiver, early-type dummy forward assist knob, bolt carrier group and  etc... plus the lower receiver with a fully authorized Colt marking and US DOD Stamp, all the appearance details of the Colt M16A1 are integrated in one place.

Cybergun Full License Authorized Production
VFC Colt M16A1 GBBR is built under authorized by Cybergun, with fully authorized markings. Reproduce the M16A1 in Vietnam War, including details and engravings are complete and exquisite.

Improved V3 Lower Receiver Internal Structure
The GBBR is not only directly put into the new design "Non-cut lever" Steel Hammer Set, but also improve the structure of the lower receiver, increase the fitting depth, and the structure of the firing pin base parts is greatly simplified, making the valve knocking action more stable, the durability of the parts is effectively improved, and the maintenance will be easier.

(This new lower receiver can be directly assembled with previous VFC M4 GBBR upper receiver.)

mproved Internal Structure Improve Performance In One Piece
The VFC M16A1 GBBR this time has not only got the authorization from Colt, but also insert all update mechanism of VFC AR GBB system into it at one time, including the new improved Lower Receiver Internal structure, the improvement of the firing pin design and newly designed "Non-cut lever" steel hammer set, this time added a new setting buffer spring, with our new design gas magazine, it will definitely improve the overall performance of the M16A1!


  • Redesign of the internal groove of the AR series GBBR lower receiver.
  • Built-in steel "Non-cut lever" hammer set for stable function.
  • The number of parts of the firing pin parts is less than that of the old version, and it is easier to maintain.
  • The old version of the firing pin parts need to be directly installed on the lower receiver. The new firing pin parts is an modular parts, which is more convenient than the old version of installation and replacement.
  • The new firing pin parts have a deeper installation position for effectively strengthen stability, and the improved lower receiver is equipped with positioning holes, which is not easy to cause installation deviation or skew during operation.
  • Newly designed parts operation stroke, increase the stability when the firing pin is repeatedly operated.
  • New design bolt stop latch with non-BBs fire function, there are 20-round and 30-round gas magazines to choose from.


  • Material : Metal, Aluminum Alloy, Steel, Fiber Polymer
  • Magazine Capacity ( Rds ) : 20 ( 6mm BB bullet )
  • Overall Length ( mm ) : 990
  • Inner Barrel Length ( mm ) : 360
  • Weight with Magazine ( g ) : 2520
  • System : Gas Blowback
  • Firing Mode : Semi Auto / Full Auto / Safety
  • Hop-Up : Adjustable
  • Muzzle Velocity : Depends on the production batch or version, muzzle velocity is not more than 1.9 joules ( Export version increases or decreases depending on the region, with a maximum muzzle velocity of 1.9 joules )
  • Package Includes : Airsoft Gun, Airsoft Magazine, User Manuals


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